Paper lantern Sake Bottle
US $57

A quirky modern twist on the traditional hand made washi rice paper folding lantern, (chochin). Designed by Mic Itaya, leading multi faceted designer. 

The quintessential Japanese lantern, in the form of a sake bottle, and a big one at that! It uses 8 orange LEDs. The LED light can flicker like a candle.
 The surface is semi waterproof.

This lantern is made by a seventh generation Chochin maker in the Mito area. 

Materials are Japanese washi, PET plastic, aluminium, MDF and starch paste.

It uses 2 AA dry cell batteries, and has an AC-DC lead which caters for 110 volts to 240 volts. It has a Category "A" plug, (2 straight flat pins). Countries using other plugs can just use a plug adaptor to suit there country.

Size: 400 mm H x 105 mm diameter 

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