Tote bag
US $114



Now you see it, now you don't! Tote bag made with the Origami principle, folds flat, or concertinas out. Fold it away when you don't need it. This bag is very strong but only weighs as much as 3 eggs!!! 

The fabric is made using a traditional "KARAMI -WEAVE"  that originated in the Heian Period, (794 to 1185AD). The back of the fabric is treated using an original resin based technique which gives the appearance of a stiff plastic. The amazing ”Kaku-Kaku ”bellows of the structural fabric's sides give a 3D appearance as you fold it with "pata-pata"(onomatopoeic).

Read about this unique company here. Available in black, white, red and blue or pastel. 440mm x 350mm. Made from 100% cotton.

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